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  Automated filling line
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  Exhaust gas treatment water treatment system
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  Intelligent electrical control system
  Pretreatment production line
  Pretreatment electrophoresis production line
  Door industry coating line
  Aluminium wheel painting line
  Crane coating line
  Safe coating line
  Lu: xingcai vertical spraying line
  Hardware kind of spraying
  Kitchen utensils spraying
  Thermos automatic painting line
  Assembly packaging line oven
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  Transmission parts
  Filter accessories
  Coating accessories
  Biomass pellet fuel combustion machine
  Biomass pellet fuel stove
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Zhejiang Yuexing Coating Equipment Co., LTD is located in zhejiang yongkang economic development zone. The traffic convenience, the geographical position is superior, is a collection of research, design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, and after-sales service as one of the professional production coating equipment of large enterprises.

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